"Goodbye bad vides"

"Everyday I'm Elevated!"

Thanks for checking out our page! Click the play button to watch the animated music video for our latest single "Elevated". 

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A Step Ahead is proud to release our new single and animated music video "Elevated". As a 2021 summer jam, we hope to bring the world out of a dark place in a fun time, looking to the future with positivity & good vibes! 

Our new single is available for $0.99 and can be purchased by clicking the button below!


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How would you describe ASA?

Catchy with heart; Devoted with guts; Always ready for a party. A Step Ahead is, in one word, undeniable

Call it what you want; alternative rock, pop rock, pop punk, or just straight rock and roll. whatever it is, heads are turned and eyebrows are raised in the most-approving way each and every time this Arizona band takes the stage. A Step Ahead’s immediately-appealing sound and fun-as-hell live performance is already demanding attention from all within earshot, and the best is yet to come.

Marvin McKinney

Founder & CEO

Thank you for the last 15 years!

We owe it all to you!